About Our Products

Purely Filipino-Canadian

As a Filipino-Canadian owned and operated company, we are proud to serve 100% Canadian meats in all of our products with authentic Filipino tastes. With an understanding of the challenges of newcomers to Canada, we make a point of also supporting local initiatives like cultural community events and sporting team sponsorships.

Quality You Can Count On

Being the first federally approved red hotdog manufacturer in Canada has given us time to make sure our products are of the highest quality. As federally approved manufacturers, we not only comply with the Safe Foods Regulation Act of Canada, but are also rated and approved for sales in the USA.

Authentic Flavours

All our products have authentic Filipino flavours. We understand the need to continue our culture as Filipino-Canadians, and are proud to share the flavours of our culture with our community. In addition to our famous hotdogs, we also sell specialty products like longganisa, kikiam, tocino, beef tapa, fiesta ham, and fishballs.

Top Selling Products

The Original Meaty Juicy

The original meaty juicy hotdog which started it all! This product comes in cocktail, regular and jumbo pack sizes so you can enjoy our products at your next family dinner or at the next barbecue with your friends.

The Cheesy Juicy

A favourite of our young and young-at-heart. The explosion of cheesy, juicy flavours combines to make a certified top-seller! You won't have any problem making sure your pickier eaters grow big and strong with the cheesy juicy.

The Special Kikiam

Our seafood kikiam is component used in many Filipino dishes. We elevate the traditional Filipino style kikiam by using a wider variety of seafood which gives our kikiam a balanced flavour and texture.

How Our Products Support You

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of supporting those in our community. Our community initiatives include:

  • Our free yearly Calgary Stampede buffet breakfast
  • Sponsor of the Fort McMurray Filipino Basketball League
  • Team sponsor for the V League Winnipeg women's volleyball league
  • Supporter of Nature's COVID-19 outreach program

We're constantly on the lookout for ways to support out community efforts and initiatives to enhance Filipino-Canadian cultural development and support. Got an initiative that might need some support? Send us a message!

Do you want to learn more about FTG Foods or our products? Got a great anecdote? Is there a community event that we might be able to support? Contact us today!