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Our Story

FTG Foods Canada Ltd, named after three siblings, was established in September 2015 as a fully Filipino-Canadian owned and operated company. We are a fast-growing family business that manufactures meat products specifically for the Filipino market, and are known in Canada for being the first manufacturers of red hotdogs. We offer a line of products from authentic Filipino sausages to specialty seafood products. Over the last 5 years we have grown exponentially; from our humble beginnings in Calgary, Alberta, we now distribute to over 50 Filipino and Asian Supermarkets and Restaurants across Canada.

FTG Foods Canada Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best quality meat products and the most authentic Filipino taste. We strive daily to bring the taste of home to Filipinos in Canada. We are the #1 seller of Filipino style hotdogs, and are rapidly gaining popularity amongst the Filipino-Canadians and patrons who just can't get enough of our juicy hotdogs.

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